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The society we find ourselves in now sometimes makes it difficult for women to connect freely with other women. For some, their daily work routine is the main obstacle keeping them from dating. For these and a variety or other reasons, an increasing number of women are now finding support in lesbian dating sites.

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Recent findings revealed that about 5 percent of the American population belongs to the LGBTQIA+ community, but it is often challenging to have to guess who is out, who is single, and who might be interested in a romantic relationship. That’s why EverAfterMatchmaking is here. We help you get only the right partner.

Our matchmaking process sets us apart. Unlike other dating sites that “match” you with a random partner selected by computer programs, EverAfterMatchmaking connects you personally with your special person. We manually link you up with like-minded women seeking real love, so you can truly live happily ever after.  

We ensure that new members provide comprehensive information about themselves upon registration. This removes guesswork and makes it possible for us to match you with genuinely compatible singles. Introvert or extrovert; busy professional woman or single parent—our system filters the most relevant profiles for you to choose from, based on your preferences.


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The demand for lesbian singles is rising across the US, and we can be your place of choice to help you find that lasting relationship you are seeking. We scrutinize each member to ensure they are genuinely looking for love, so you can be sure that there are no time-wasters on our platform.

Ineffective dating sites for casual hookups are found all around the internet today. But if you are looking for a serious or long-term relationship, then you’re not alone. According to research by Williams Institute on same-sex relationships in the US, 45 percent of same-sex relationships led to marriage. In fact, 10 percent of the weddings conducted in the US last summer were same-sex couples.

The women on our sites are not only mature but also smart and beautiful, inside and out. You may have had a bad experience on other sites, but now that you have found us, your worries are over. Give love another chance.

Thankfully, the entire community of LGBTQIA+ singles is gaining in recognition and acceptance in the US. From New York City to Washington, and states in between, singles are finding love and happily settling down together. And yes, love is not without its challenges and obstacles—but EverAfterMatchmaking brings you a lasting solution.

Our platform is designed to link you with the perfect match, no matter what you seek in a partner. No matter your taste and requirements, you can find love. 

Your privacy is 100 percent secure, and we will NEVER disclose or share your personal information with anyone without your express permission! 

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