Turning Natural Gas Into Cash

In many oil exploration ventures, natural gas is a resource that is not profitable due to lack of pipeline infrastructure. Ingicoin, Inc. harnesses this wasted resource by turning it into electricity, which is used to mine cryptocurrency. With a market cap of over $500B, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are  regarded as a store of value similar to gold or other precious metals aka ” Digital Gold”. Financial providers such as Paypal and Square have led to mainstream adaptation of Bitcoin. Companies such as J.P. Morgan, Microstrategy and others are holding Cryptocurrencies as a hedge against inflation vs. a rapidly declining US Dollar. Others, such as Greyscale Trust have brought the Cryptocurrency world to mainstream investors in the form of an ETF comprised entirely of Cryptocurrency holdings.



National Energy Development:

National Energy Development has engaged in oil and gas exploration the Tennessee area for 30 years. With a track record of successful drilling ventures, National Energy Development is uniquely positioned to fully utilize existing leases in order to produce natural gas  power, and to acquire more gas producing sites moving forward.

For more than 30 years, Ira Curry, principal of National Energy Development has conducted operations in the Tennessee area, developing relationships with land owners, drilling teams, and leading geologists.


Ingicoin was founded by Scott Curry, CCMP ,NVX-N. With a strong background in technical design, programming, and telemetry, Ingicoin can fully utilize the energy resources available at our Tennessee sites.

The Ingicoin team will be responsible for all aspects of the mining operation, including system design and engineering, site deployment, system maintenance, firmware upgrades, remote telemetry design, and all other things technical.


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